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Extra Skater Junior Advanced Stats

Prior to its going dark, Extra Skater was the sole repository of advanced junior hockey stats. Fortuitously, Tyler Hunnex (@TylerHunnex,, a Seattle Thunderbirds blogger, had downloaded the entire WHL archive in Excel and was kind enough to send them along to me. Additionally, I was able to copy the entries for the top 1000 point getters in the CHL in 2013-14 from Initially I only shared the links on Twitter, but I’m glad to post them permanently for downloading via Google Drive and Dropbox. Unfamiliar statistics are defined in the Glossary sheet of the CHL stats workbook.

2013-14 CHL stats // download via Google Drive // download via Dropbox

2013-14 WHL stats // download via Google Drive // download via Dropbox

2014 Draft Eligible 17 year olds stats // download via Google Drive // download via Dropbox


2014 WHL Final Stats

Two evenly-matched teams met in the WHL Final this year. Each team scored 20 goals over the seven game series, four of them on the power play. Their save percentages were .918 and .916. If all you saw were these numbers, you wouldn’t know anything about the Winterhawks or the Oil Kings–their best lines and players, their style of offense, the efficiency of their defense. Looking at more telling numbers can supplement merely watching the series and give us an understanding of the above qualities.

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