Confidence Intervals for NHL Goaltenders

by Megan Richardson

I wrote a post for Progressive Hockey about using confidence intervals for NHL goalies, similarly to my post about WHL goaltending. If you didn’t really understand what’s going on in a confidence interval the first time, I explained it better this time–promise. IMO (having written it), this one deserves a read.

As always, I put my data below. If you open up that spreadsheet, there’s a pretty cool feature where you can change the probability of success you’re willing to accept (for the risk lovers among you).

You can also add any missing goalies; you just need their shots faced and save percentage. Select the three confidence interval equation cells–Low CI, High CI, CI Width–and drag them down using the bottom right hand corner of the rightmost cell (the mouse turns into this) to fill the cells of your new row.

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